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  1. , Jill Marzolino
    Dan gives so much to his students and has always managed to walk with them down a path of investigation. He is careful not to discourage the students from caring about and being curious about the world at large and helps put issues into context in ways that are often easy to gloss over. Dan takes us all on a journey to act not only ethically, but effectively, and I think these students have benefited immeasurably from learning by example how to think critically, systematically, and thoroughly in addition to following their curiosity.

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Fall 2023 Session has begun!


The Fall 2023 session application is now underway! 

Scientists, please be sure to update your profile to reflect your availability, and check e-mail often for invitations.

Teachers, stay tuned!  Our Spring 2023 session application will be posted soon.



  • Scientist Mentors Needed!


    As we grow and continue to pursue our F2 research, we are sending out this appeal to our Scientist community: please spread the word and invite your students, colleagues, and friends to sign up and mentor with us!  Mentors range from late undergraduate students to emeritus scientists.  Feel free to download our mentor flyer and post it in your institution to encourage others to join us, too!


“I liked that we didn’t know what was going to happen before we did the experiment. Instead of being taught something and then just doing an experiment to prove it, we made an attempt to find out what would happen ourselves.”
- PlantingScience Student

“At every opportunity, all involved kept reminding my students of the process that real science requires. This helped me to convince my students that they are really doing science - not just play acting until some future date.”
- PlantingScience Teacher

“It is a lot of fun interacting with students from an age group I don’t have the chance to spend a lot of time with. It is a good reminder of where public knowledge of plant science stands, and a great opportunity for me to practice explaining key concepts in a simple and straightforward way.”
- PlantingScience Mentor




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