What We Do

PlantingScience is a free online resource to teachers and schools. The program provides volunteer scientists, resources, and activities to support innovation in teaching, learning, and mentoring. Open education resources are shared for student-centered plant investigations that integrate scientific practices and big ideas in biology that meet the guidelines in the Next Generation Science Standards and other 21st century education standards.

We are a learning community where scientists provide online mentorship to student teams as they design and think through their own inquiry projects. The program is collaborative engagement in science education that crosses traditional learning settings: K-12 and higher education; learning in and out of class; hands-on and technology-enhanced.

What We Do For Middle and High Schools

We offer a unique opportunity for teachers and administrators to provide inquiry experiences for their students, by connecting volunteer scientists to small student teams for student-centered research projects.

We offer students a personal experience to work like real scientists with their scientist mentors, enhancing their team skills and their understanding of authentic science.

Engaging in the process of science enhances science learning. The ability to collaborate, discuss, and reflect with scientists and peers opens new doors to motivate students, and builds necessary pathways for 21st century skills.

What We Do For Scientists

PlantingScience is a simple, effective and efficient avenue for outreach, and to share the passion for what you do with burgeoning young scientists and citizens.

What We Do For Scientific Societies and Education Research Organizations

PlantingScience offers the opportunity for your organization to participate in a large-scale networked collaboration designed to improve science literacy on a national level.