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Project by group ahhsrichbourgfall2021

Explore Plants need water to survive so they will inherently suck up water in a cup.
Research Question How far can a piece of celery bend using salt and water?
Predictions The celery will bend a lot more.
Experimental Design We will start our experiment by getting a cup of 300 ml of water in four cups. In the first cup we will put 30 g of salt. In the second cup we will put 50g of salt. In the third cup we will put 75g of salt. In the last cup we will put no salt, this will be our control group. We will then cut our celery into 12 pieces that are each 4 inches or 10.16 cm. We will then put 3 pieces into each cup for 2 days to give it a good amount of time to suck all of the salt up. We will then measure the bendiness of each piece and compare each group.
Conclusion We found that salt was responsible for the shrinking, shriveling, and bending of the pieces of celery. The more salt that we put into the solution, the more that the celery was affected. In the control group though, the celery sucked up so much water that it began to expand too much and split in some areas. The salt in the solution caused the water inside of the celery to be sucked out into the solution due to a process called osmosis.
Investigation Theme CEL
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Emily Richbourg
School Name Anna-Jonesboro High School
Session Fall 2021