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Caroline Bush


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    University of Virginia

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    I am interested in methods of asexual reproduction in flowering plants, particularly how the combination of sexual and asexual reproduction may influence plant population dynamics.

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    Can you describe your attitude toward science when you were in high school?

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    When I first started high school, I knew that I was interested in science, and I thought that I was going to enjoy biology and chemistry the most. I was only half right. Over the course of my first two years of high school, I found that I was, in fact, interested in biology, but not chemistry as much. Furthermore, I discovered a true enjoyment in learning the basics of computer science, which was a complete surprise to me at the time.
    Unlike a majority of high school students, I also had the unique opportunity to conduct scientific research. The program that I was a part of within my high school has a relationship with the local university, and so I was able to spend a few hundred hours in a graduate-level research lab learning the basics of scientific research in a very hands-on way. This experience is what really cemented my desire to become a scientist. My experiences in this lab also kickstarted my interest in studying plants. The research I did there involved working with tobacco, and I found that some of my favorite parts of working in the lab were some of the most plant-heavy.
    Overall, I entered high school with a healthy interest in science and exited with an even greater interest, as well as the desire to pursue a career in scientific research, specifically working with plants.

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    Do you have advice for students about preparing for a science career?

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    The primary piece of advice I have for student interested in pursuing a career in science is to be open minded and explore what all there is to study in the sciences, regardless of first impressions. Science takes enormous dedication and passion, and so it is crucial for students preparing for a science career to be as enthusiastic as possible about what they intend to study, and the only way to really find what interests them is to explore different branches of science. This can be anything from taking a variety of science classes during high school and/or college, to exploring things online and conducting small investigations on their own. When they find something that fascinates them, they’re headed in the right direction.

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Thanks for the update - it's great to see what you've been working on and what's coming up next with your investigation! Based on the worksheet you posted, I have a few questions for you all:

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