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23 Space Penguins
sffsmelmanspring2019project6 23 Space Penguins public
Research Question: How does the temperature of the environment (air) affect seed germination?
dmsgrayspring2019project29 360NOSCOPE public
Research Question: What amount of water does it take to germinate a plant?
dmsstiemspring2019project9 A.C.F.K. public
Research Question: How does the amount of fertilizer affect the time it takes to germinate.
dmsgrayspring2019project31 AAC public
Research Question: Which type of soil is best for a plant to germinate fastest?
dmsstiemspring2019project2 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz public
Research Question: How does the amount of light affect how fast a seed germinates?
Amazing Brilliant Scientists!
projecttestgroupproject1 Amazing Brilliant Scientists! public
Research Question: Will plants grow without soil?
Baby Sharks
whswinsteadspring2019project2 Baby Sharks public
Research Question: How does the type of leaf used affect the rate of photosynthesis?
Bad Chads
whswinsteadspring2019project6 Bad Chads public
Research Question: do different types of light bulbs affect the rate of photosynthesis.
bcsboylespring2019project7 BCS BOIZ public
Research Question: Will different temperatures effect the germination of corn seeds?
bhsladdspring2019 project 2
bhsladdspring2019project2 bhsladdspring2019 project 2 public
Research Question: What effect does varying pH levels within the water we water the plants with have on the growth of the plant?
Big Pops
sffstantocospring2019project3 Big Pops public
Research Question: What would happen if one seed was growing in a mix of soil particle sizes vs a seed that is growing in one size of soil?
Blue Chicken Wings?!?
dmsstiemspring2019project30 Blue Chicken Wings?!? public
Research Question: How does the species of plant affect the rate of germination?
Bubble Guppies
mhsmirandaspring2019project1 Bubble Guppies public
Research Question: We have decided to test which way of planting is the best between hydroponics, aquaponics, or the conventional way of planting. We came up with...
nebuzzellspring2019project12 CACTUS-RØSE public
Research Question: How does soil salinity effect seed germination?
dmsgrayspring2019project25 Carol public
Research Question: does the temp. of water affect the seed growth
CEMT ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
dmsgrayspring2019project3 CEMT ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* public
Research Question: Does the type of seed affect how fast the seed germinates?
dmsgrayspring2019project15 CHUNGUS CHASERS public
Research Question: Which would help the corn grow quicker sand or soil in the next 10 days.
dmsgrayspring2019project9 COOL KIDS CLUB public
Research Question: How does the salinity of the water affect the germination speed of soy beans.
Corny Soybeans
nebuzzellspring2019project1 Corny Soybeans public
Research Question: Will giving plants 24 hours of artificial light make plants grow faster than 12 hours of sunlight?
crabyyy patttysss
dmsstiemspring2019project18 crabyyy patttysss public
Research Question: how will the amount of salt in the water affect the rate of germination.
Curious Cannonball Flowers
nebuzzellspring2019project15 Curious Cannonball Flowers public
Research Question: What will happen and the difference between the growth of plants watered with salt water, plants that are not watered enough, plants that are...
dmsgrayspring2019 project 10
dmsgrayspring2019project10 dmsgrayspring2019 project 10 public
Research Question: How fast does cold water affect how fast the corn germinates
dmsgrayspring2019 project 24
dmsgrayspring2019project24 dmsgrayspring2019 project 24 public
Research Question: How will the amount of light effect the time of a seed germinating?
dmsstiemspring2019project16 dog public
Research Question: The question is... How does the amount of water effect the percentage of germination? We came up with it by thinking of all the different...
dmsgrayspring2019project18 E public
Research Question: Does the amount of water a plant gets affect how fast it germinates?