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lostinderfall2020project13 >.<Baguette_Gang>.< public
Research Question: Does the amount of water effect the overall plant height and growth speed?
lostinderfall2020project12 Beanies public
Research Question: What water conditions are the most sustainable for plant growth?
camsdavisafwfall2020 project 3
camsdavisafwfall2020project3 camsdavisafwfall2020 project 3 public
Research Question: How does adding different amounts of sand to soil affect the growth of radish plant stems? We came up with the question by looking at the materials...
camsdavisafwfall2020 project 5
camsdavisafwfall2020project5 camsdavisafwfall2020 project 5 public
Research Question: How does pH affect the time it takes for seeds to sprout? We want to test how quickly seeds sprout when they have access to liquids at different...
camsdavispgstfall2020 project 14
camsdavispgstfall2020project14 camsdavispgstfall2020 project 14 public
Research Question: 1.Does the concentration of the bleach solution used before inoculation affect the rate of soft rot in potatoes?
camsdavispgstfall2020 project 16
camsdavispgstfall2020project16 camsdavispgstfall2020 project 16 public
Research Question: Actual Research Questions How does a concentration of bleach affect the growth of bacteria injected into the potato? What do we want to test or...
camsdavispgstfall2020 project 17
camsdavispgstfall2020project17 camsdavispgstfall2020 project 17 public
Research Question: How does exposure to sunlight affect the growth of bacteria in Potato tubers?
camsdavispgstfall2020 project 20
camsdavispgstfall2020project20 camsdavispgstfall2020 project 20 public
Research Question: What are the effects of differing numbers of potato inoculations? Do more punctures lead to a faster rot time period? Do no punctures lead to no...
camsdaviswosfall2020 project 10
camsdaviswosfall2020project10 camsdaviswosfall2020 project 10 public
Research Question: what method (petri dish, pot, half of a water bottle) for germinating seeds (alfalfa and pea) is the fastest ? all the seeds will be placed in...
camsdaviswosfall2020 project 2
camsdaviswosfall2020project2 camsdaviswosfall2020 project 2 public
Research Question: Research Question: Does the amount of water affect the time it takes for a pea seed to germinate? We know that in order for a seed to germinate,...
camsdaviswosfall2020 project 3
camsdaviswosfall2020project3 camsdaviswosfall2020 project 3 public
Research Question: Which plant type will germinate the fastest if they all have the same conditions?
camsdaviswosfall2020 project 8
camsdaviswosfall2020project8 camsdaviswosfall2020 project 8 public
Research Question: Our question: Will exposing seeds to plant/cellulose-induced smoke stimulate germination? Backup question: Will providing sugar water to seeds...
camsdaviswosfall2020 project 9
camsdaviswosfall2020project9 camsdaviswosfall2020 project 9 public
Research Question: For our research we were thinking of studying how soaking a seed in water affects the plant's germination. After brainstorming, we concluded that...
Celery Lab
othsmikosfall2020project3 Celery Lab public
Research Question: Would the  celery curl more if the epidermis was removed? We came up with this question because we were talking about boiling the celery at first,...
Celery Lab Team 1
othsmikosfall2020project1 Celery Lab Team 1 public
Research Question: How flexible can the celery become after being soaked in the different types of water over the course of 24 hours. We based our question on the...
Celery Stick
othsmikosfall2020project8 Celery Stick public
Research Question: We are trying to answer if the celery without the skin will become curly compared to the celery with the skin. We came up with this question...
othsmikosfall2020project9 Celerywaterproject public
Research Question: Will cutting the celery in a different way with the addition of having the water in room temperature water cause the celery to bend?
Cool Clovers
iamsciupekfall2020project2 Cool Clovers public
Research Question: Favorite: How will a plant or seed’s growth be affected if there is Competition Backup: What makes some plants take a longer or shorter time...
Effects of composted soil on vegetable growth
Research Question: How does plant growth respond to different types of soils- organic compost and soils from limestone like Florida soils. (radish, nasturtiums, and...
Finn, Maya, Alex, and Malachi
othsmikosfall2020project4 Finn, Maya, Alex, and Malachi public
Research Question: what is the ideal time for celery to be submerged in tap water for it to be the curliest?
Homeostasis and Osmosis Lab
othsmikosfall2020project11 Homeostasis and Osmosis Lab public
Research Question: In the next experiment, we are trying to figure out how to make the curliest celery possible using water.
How can water kill you project
othsmikosfall2020project2 How can water kill you project public
Research Question: How can we make the bendiest slice of celery.
Just your Stereotypical Science Experiment
lostinderfall2020project8 Just your Stereotypical Science Experiment public
lostinderfall2020 project 1 Yoav, Toby, Benjamin
Research Question: Will the amount of water given to the plant each day affect its growth and health?
lostinderfall2020 project 11
lostinderfall2020project11 lostinderfall2020 project 11 public
Research Question: what happens when we grow a plant with regular water and with sugar water?