Student Roadmap Through an Investigation


Follow the links in the menu on the left or below to work though your investigation. These resources can help you understand not only the scientific process, but also other critical components to conducting scientific studies.

Doing Science

Explore Your Topic

What questions do you have about plants and plant research?


Research Question

Work with your teachers and mentors to develop your hypothesis.


Planning Your Study

Now that you have a question, you'll need to come up with a plan to help answer that question.


Doing Investigations

A science lab is a place with its own kind of culture and organization, camaraderie, and dynamic unique flavor.


Analyzing Your Data

Work with your teachers and mentors to decide which are the best ways to record, visualize, analyze, and present data?


Making Sense of Findings

Work with your mentors and teachers to understand what your data mean and how your results address your hypothesis.


Communicating Science

Communicate Online

How can the teacher encourage students to talk about science in the classroom?


Peer-to-Peer Review

Take a look at other projects to gain a better perspetive of your own.


Maintaining a Notebook

Careful notetaking is a critical component in scientific research.


Sketching in Science Class

Sometimes only a carefully-made, thorough sketch or drawing will do.


Arguing from Evidence

Be prepared to craft an argument around the data.


Making Presentations

Everyone can use tips on how to make solid scientific presentations. Be sure to ask your mentor and teacher for help.