Group 6 Hannah, Hunter, Megan

Project by group sdhswinsteadspring2018

Explore Because we think it will affect the rate of Photosynthesis.
Research Question Will the Temperature effect Photosynthesis.
Predictions If the water is hot the rate of Photosynthesis will speed up, because the evaporation of the water will cause the disks to rise.
Experimental Design 1) Set out 4 cups go the same size Room Temp - 22℃ 2) Measure out 100ML per cup Cold Temp - 5℃ 3) Make one cups water room temperature Hot Temp - 50℃ 4) Add 1g of baking soda to the cup of room temp water Hotter Temp - 75℃ 5) cut out 12 leaf disks of the same size with a whole punch 6) put all 10 leaf disks inside of a syringe 7) suck up some of the room temp water into the syringe half way 8) Put your thumb on top of the syringe and push and pull on the end of the syringe to force out the air inside of the leaf disks 9) open the syringe and poor the non floating leaf disks into the cup of 100ML room temp water 10) place cup under neath the light 11) start a 10 minute timer 12) record how many leaf disks rise every minute until the 10 minutes are up 13) repeat these steps 2 more times so that you have data for 3 Trials 14) record all 3 trials data and calculate the averages for each minute 15) Repeat steps 1-14 three more times, but with each experiment having different temperature of water
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name South Doyle High School
Session Spring 2018