SDHS Winsted Spring 2018

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05 Feb 2018

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Christine Winstead

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South Doyle High School

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Students will be able to work collaboratively in small groups. Students will be able to create a testable hypothesis and come up with an appropriate experimental design. Students will be able to collect data and enter it into an Excel spreadsheet. Using this data, an appropriate graph will be created. Students will communicate with a scientist mentor regularly. Students will examine the possible variables that may be tested to determine the rate of photosynthesis. This project will reinforce the processes involved in photosynthesis.

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Spring 2018

Student Level(s)

High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)

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General Biology

Science background and language skills

The students in my first block class are pretty motivated and stay on task during class. The students in the third block are less motivated. All students have had Physical Science and Chemistry prior to entering Biology.