Group 5 Isaiah, Jade, Maci, Ire'asia

Project by group sdhswinsteadspring2018

Explore my idea was to see if salt water would effect the leaf disk. I wanted to know if the leaf disk would rise at a faster rate then the tap water trial. I have learned that the salt water has made more leaf disks float than the tap water.
Research Question will the type of water change the rate of photosynthesis?
Predictions We think it will because the different types of water is gonna change the rate of photosynthesis, because the stuff in the water will do different things to the leaf disk.
Experimental Design 1.Punch out 12 spinach leaf disks using a hole puncher. 2.Add 100ml of tap water to a cup (or salt water) 3.Add 1 gram of baking soda to the water and dissolve 4.Put water and 12 leaf disks in syringe, suck up water in the syringe, let some air out, hold thumb over syringe, shake syringe and pull down till they sink. 5.Pour leaf disks into water cup and place under light. 6.Set timer to 10 minutes and every minute take a count of data every time a leaf floats thats how much you put on your data table.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name South Doyle High School
Session Spring 2018