Project by group lostinderfall2020

Explore Some things that we know about plants from my experiences outside of school is that most plants are very easy to take care of and don't require much work. We have discovered that Lentils are edible Legumes, and 58% of the worlds Lentils are produced in Canada and India. At the moment we don't have any questions for this project.
Research Question What water conditions are the most sustainable for plant growth?
Predictions My predictions for the plant that we have is that the plants is that some will thrive with the amount of water they are getting for their needs while others will start to rot and decay. I think that the one getting the normal amount of water will do better than any of them.
Experimental Design With an average amount of soil, which amount of water would be best for our plant, either 8.25 ml of water every 3 days, 16.5 ml of water, or 33 ml of water?