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Project by group dmsgrayfall2019

Explore Plants need water to germinate but they need sunlight and water to grow. If a plant doesn't get the water it will die and if a plant gets too much water then they will also die.
Research Question How does the amount of water affect the amount that the Alfalfa seeds grow?
Predictions If we change the amount of water we give to each seed then the seed with the normal amount of water will grow the fastest. We think this because the patri dish with the most water might drown the plants and the might get to much water. The patri dish with only three drops might not get enough so it might be too thirsty for water and might die.
Experimental Design Independent Variable = The Amount of Water Dependent Variable = The rate the roots grow at Variables to Control = The number of seeds, type of container, type of seed Procedure: Step 1 = Get the materials Step 2 = Put the dry paper towel at the bottom of the container Step 3 = Lay the seeds on top of the dry paper towel (3 seeds in each container) Step 4 = Put the amount of water written in each container (1st container has under the regular amount, 2nd container at the regular amount, 3rd above the regular amount) Step 5 = Measure the growth of roots daily Step 6 = Record the data
Conclusion The more water the Alfalfa seeds receive the faster and taller the Alfalfa Stem grows. On day 6 the seed with the most water was 3.8 cm long, the seed with the least amount of water was 2.3, and the seed with the average amount of water grew 2.9 cm. This happened because plants need water to grow so the more water they have the faster they grow. Water also acts like nutrients and the more nutrients the seeds get the more they thrive. When we doing research the internet said that overwatering is bad for the plant and might kill it, but in our experiment, the one with the most water grew the most. We think this is because we didn't have enough time to overwater the seed. If the experiment was 20 days long instead of just seven days then the seed with the average amount of water would have surpassed the seed with the most water.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Fall 2019