DMS Gray Fall 2019

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08 Sep 2019

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Evelyn Gray

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DeWitt Middle School

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Fall 2019

Student Level(s)

Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)


We, as teachers at DeWitt Middle School, really enjoyed our first experience with! We are hoping to try it again and do even better! We are always looking for new opportunities for our students and this one was excellent. As soon as the Next Generation Science Standards were completed we immediately began implementation and with similar timing we began working with the Van Andel Educational Institute to put into practice an inquiry based instructional approach. With this training, we see that what you have put together is an excellent learning opportunity for our students. As teachers, we look forward to the opportunity to teach this topic with a beautiful real world application. We really value that they will have a chance to discuss their findings with a scientist and are already wondering how we could arrange for this in future years! As for students, we believe this will be an incredibly engaging lesson in science. It will shed light on the work of scientists which we do our best to simulate within a classroom but it often fall short. Students will gain a greater understanding of plants and how they grow. This is one of the key topics we teach to our 7th grade science students and we believe they will be perfectly setup to really grow their knowledge of the topic using the Wonder of Seeds.

Time Away

Thanksgiving Break (11/27-11/29)

Course Name and Description

7th Grade General Science

Science background and language skills

My students are primarily Caucasian with a small subset of minority students. The group is comprised of all the 7th grade students in our building (advanced science students, average and low). Students have experience with inquiry learning in 6th grade which we continue to build on various times throughout the year in 7th grade.

Additional Information

I am excited to give this a second go!