bchswelchfall2019 project 4

Project by group bchswelchfall2019

Research Question Class research question: How does the amount of fertilizer affect quantitative and qualitative traits in Brassica rapa?
Predictions We predict that the plants with the high fertilizer concentration will grow much faster than the low fertilizer concentration. We made this prediction based off our data, it shows that the high fertilizer has made our plants grow quicker.
Experimental Design Three Treatments: Low Fertilizer Concentration Normal Fertilizer Concentration (Control) High Fertilizer Concentration High Fertilizer – 4 Osmocote pellets per seed; 6 seeds = 24 pellets Normal Fertilizer – 2 Osmocote pellets per seed; 6 seeds = 12 pellets Low Fertilizer – 1 Osmocote pellets per seed; 6 seeds = 6 pellets
Investigation Theme BRASSICA
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Bishop Carroll High School
Session Fall 2019