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Project by group acewingceleryspring2021

Explore We learned that the plants suck the water up, but it has to be submerged in order for the salt to make it pliable.
Research Question The question we came up with is: Do minerals have an effect on celery sticks?
Predictions Yes, minerals will have an effect on celery.
Experimental Design Materials: Carbonated Mineral water, Tap water, Distilled water, 10% solution of salt water, 4 10-15 centimeter celery sticks, 4 glass beakers or cups. First measure the length, width, thickness, and weight of the celery sticks. Make some observations on them. Then pour each type of water into a separate glass, put the celery in, one per glass. Let them sit in a cold dark place for 16 hours. Take them out and examine them. Measure their length, width, thickness, and weight. Mark these things in a notebook.
Conclusion The salt water was limp and flexible. The tap, mineral, and distilled water were all slightly bent. The different minerals had a slight affect on the celery. Other experiments could try to find what types of mineral combinations affect celery bending, or how much minerals are needed to affect celery bending.
Investigation Theme CEL
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Patricia Ewing
School Name Aquinas Columbus
Session Spring 2021