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Explore We know that when the season is over the leaves die because there is no suitable climate for plants.Soil is the best for buckwheat because is is growing faster than others. Buckwheat will soon be a type of flower after sprouting phase. We want to know how high buckwheat can grow.
Research Question We want to test if different types of soil and sand affect the buckwheat seed. We came up with the questions because we had never seen buckwheat. We know we have buckwheat and have seen how it is sprouting.
Predictions We think some of the possible outcomes of our study given the variables we are working with is that buckwheat will grow to be very high . We think this because some of the plants are very high already.
Experimental Design Our plan is the variable are what soil we are using and sand. Also 2 of them will have fertilizer .We are testing the soil, sand and fertilizer. The variable we will keep is the water. We will record the data by seeing if the soil will change the plant.
Conclusion In conclusion, we can tell that our predictions were right. My team could tell that our plants grew very tall every time we came to science class. We saw that our plants grew more and more each day. The only difference is the Plant's D had died the last day. Otherwise, all of the other plant groups survived. Our plants could have possibly survived if we didn’t use sand and fertilizer. This is what we could tell from this experiment with buckwheat plants.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name St. Michael
Session Fall 2017