Like Plants, We Don't Leaf You

Project by group shsmacleanspring2017

Explore From outside experiences, it is known that plants need many different factors to grow. Daylight and water are two major outside sources needed for most plant growth. Other outside sources such as wind and different weather conditions can also influence plant growth. The time of year that plants are planted and grown is also another influence on their growth. If planted during the time of year where there is most darkness, the plant may not get enough daylight to fully develope. Hairs on plants are called trichomes,  their purpose is Discourage insect predators Reflecting sunlight Insulate plant Some have chemicals so bugs can’t feed there What is the first true leaf? The first true leaf’s emerge around the time of fertilization. Questions: How do plants influence the environment in indirect ways? -Produce oxygen -fuel many other plants and animals Why do plants have true leafs and seed leafs?
Research Question
Experimental Design
Investigation Theme BRASSICA
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Service High School
Session Spring 2017