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Group 15 - STARS

Project by group shscasesweeneyposfall2021

Explore The two main parts of a chloroplast are the grana and stroma The green color of leaves is due to chlorophyll , what interest me about plant is are Plants the only organisms that use photosynthesis.
Research Question Does photosynthesis occur differently when the plant is a color other than green? We came up with this question by observing the color plant and thinking where do they get their colorful color from? This question fit with the topic in class the topic we were talking about is chlorophyll which is green.
Predictions Our prediction is that photosynthesis won't change when the plant is a color other than green. It would depend on the amount of sunlight the plant gets.
Experimental Design We are going to observe the growth of the plants. The variables that will be tested are penta plants. The variables that will be measured will be the color of light. The variable that will be kept constant will be the water. We will record our data in our lab notebooks.
Conclusion To wrap it up white (natural) light height got bigger by 5 more centimeters, width got bigger by 2 cm, depth grow 2 more centimeters also. Blue light for height grow 2 cm, the width grows just 1 centimeter, the depth grows 2 centimeters. red light height row 3 centimeters, the width got smaller by 1 centimeter, depth got smaller 1 centimeters. The observation that we saw was that they blossom more, except for white light it got smaller. the texture of the leaves is different from each other some are rough, soft, and a medium not rough, not soft. on the white/ natural light the color of the blossom is a light red. And for a red light, the leaves are dark green and for the blue light, the leave was a light green. This experiment could be tried more than once, and with different plants to see the differences. And these color lights affect the plants. ANd we will continue to monitor the plants if any changes happen.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Carla Case-Sweeney
School Name Santaluces High School
Session Fall 2021
About this Project

In brainstorming their research question these students utilized phenomena they observed in class to design their experiment. Their data collection is reflected in their conclusion. They utilized the suggestions made by their mentor. Most importantly, they were amazed by the results of their experiment and will continue to monitor the results.
-- Carla Case-Sweeney, Teacher


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