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Project by group mhsmirandaspring2019

Explore I know that the plants of the world process carbon dioxide and convert this into pure oxygen. In class we have learned about the different types of plants as well as the various structures. We are interested in discovering the affects of how light affects the growth of the subjects.
Research Question Our goal is to find out whether or not the intensity of light exposure will affect the growth rate of the plant. If we expose the subject to intense light in comparison to deficiency of light, will this affect the growth?
Predictions I predict that with constant and intense light exposure the growth rate will be stressed but still at a decent pace because of the excess light. In opposite, I believe that the plant will not grow at a sufficient rate if light is severely limited.
Experimental Design Our project plan is to test the effects of light intensity as well as exposure in correlation to the growth rate of plants. To do this we will have to artificially create the circumstances necessary to produce intense light as well as the opposite which is light deficiency. To do the intense light experiment, we will place our container under a lighting lamp that will turn on at 6 am and turn off at 6 pm to mimic the light cycle of the sun. To create the circumstance of light deficiency, we will use a box with no light exposure. But for out third subject, we will solely place this one by the window and treat for proper indoor growing conditions. As the project matures, we will be monitoring the growth rates of the plants to see if they grow at different rates, and to do this we will be using measurements to determine size difference.
Investigation Theme AFW
Session Spring 2019
School Mendota High School
Student Level(s) High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)