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Project by group kisederfall2018

Explore Germination of Lepidium Sativum after being water with different saltsaturations
Research Question If, at what salt-saturation does Lepidium Sativum fail to germinate
Predictions Lepidium Sativum will fail to germinate at a salt-saturation level upward of ~4%
Experimental Design Five sets of five artifiial "fields" each containing five seads of Lepidium Sativum are watered with different salt-saturations ranging from 0%-5%
Conclusion From this experiment we will be able to assess whether or not Lepidium Sativum can germinate independent from the percentage of salt-saturated water it receives, or at which saturation the plants fail to germinate.
Investigation Theme WOS
Session Fall 2018
School Klosterneuburg International School
Student Level(s) High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)