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Project by group dmsstiemspring2019

Explore Plants gather water sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food for the plant and oxygen. We used the plant Buckwheat.
Research Question How will the process of Germination conclude if they amount of light is changed half plants with light normal hours one forth of seeds in no light and the rest with light half of the time and darkness for the rest.
Predictions If our experiment is conducted correctly than the rate that Germination occurs will be faster with better results and Germinate more efficiently.
Experimental Design We used design three which was a plastic bottle and paper towel. We watered each plant every day 5 squeezes of water. There was 14 plants planted in soil. Each day we would also make observations.
Conclusion In Conclusion, we had 13 Half and Half plants germinate, 10 Full sunlight, and 11 Full darkness, (out of 14).