Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore We know that seeds need water, sunlight, and a good place to be put in the sun
Research Question How will different liquids affect the growth of the Daikon Radish?
Predictions If we put the seeds into a less acidic liquid, then the root coming out will grow longer in a shorter amount of time.
Experimental Design Step 1:put 10 seeds into petri dishes step 2:pour salt water over 10 seeds Step 3: put 10 seeds into a different petri dish Step 4: pour normal tap water over them Step 5: put 10 more seeds into the last petri dish Step 6: pour vinegar over the last seeds Step 7: record data over a span of a few days
Conclusion More acidic and salty liquids will cause the seed to die. Salty liquids kill away the plant cells, and vinegar will lower the pH levels in the soil that the seed is in. Household vinegar has 5% acetic acid and can be use for weed control but you can find some with 11 or 12% acetic acid. When salt water dissolves,ions come from the dissolved salt and the ions are eaten by the plant at the root and is transported to the leaves and kills the plant at toxic levels.