Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore -plant seeds need water,good location, and good temp. -plants need water, sun light, and good location/soil. -plants use photosynthesis to make food. -plants need a specific environment to survive. -so plants can adapt to their environment.
Research Question how does the amount of water affect how the Pearl Millet seed germinate?
Predictions If the amount of water is medium (5ml) then the pearl millet will grow faster. reasoning: if your in a basketball game and you drink 1 whole bottle you will have a cramp (drowned the plant) but if you drink one fourth of the water you won't have a cramp and play good. (this might be our prediction)
Experimental Design 1.Place paper towels in each petri dish. 2.Place 10 Pearl Millet seeds on the paper towel. 3.Apply 1 ML with your syringe. 4.Place the petri dish down under a growth light. 5.Repeat steps 1-4 with 1ML, 5ML, and 7 ML. 6.Water the seeds every other day.
Conclusion Claim: If you use the perfect amount of water ( ours was 5ML) then the seed will grow faster\ the most. Evidence: in our results the 5ml seeds grew the quickest and longest than the other measurements. Reasoning: our group expected this because 1 ml was not enough water so the seeds that received the 1 ml of water didn't start the germination process. and 7ml was a little to much water for the seeds because the seeds germinated over a 2 day span was less than the 5 ml seeds. the perfect amount of water was the 5 ml seeds because they grew the fastest and the most over the shortened period of time. and near the end of our investagation the 7 ML seeds were starting to drowned because the puddle at the bottom.