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Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore What is the usual time for plants to germinate? they use germinate to grow out of the soil. do all plants germinate? Plants need water,sun,correct temp and need shelter.
Research Question How does changing the amount of water given to each plant affect the speed of their germination?
Predictions Lilly: If more water is added to a pea plant then the pea plant will not be affected Jocelyn:If one plant gets more water than the other two than that plant will germinate faster. Cooper: If I change how much water I give to a plant then one will germinate faster then the other. Daniel: If I change the amount of water i give to a plant then it will grow faster.
Experimental Design Procedure: gather your materials set up petri dish by putting paper towel on the bottom of your petri dish put varied 5ml,10ml,15ml amounts of water into your petri dish place 5 seeds into each petri dish add water every other day measure growth/ germination in centimeters each day find the mean of each amount of water setup graph and find your results
Conclusion If there is more water added to a pea plant then the pea plant will grow faster. We know this because when we did our experiment the seeds in the 10 ml petri dish grew the fastest next to the seeds in the petri dish with 15ml. I was not surprised by our results because I know that plants need water to grow and so, I naturally assumed that if there is more water than it will do better. I assumed this because if animals have more food than they will do better or if plants have more sun they will do better. The experiment that was what I expected was a fair test because we controlled everything we possibly could(for example:we made sure that every one of the seeds had the top of if evan only one did or we made sure the light was always on). We had the results we had because plants need water to break the shell so if there is more water than the shell will break faster making the seed grow faster. Another reason we have the results we had was because plants are made of 90% water so, if there is more water than the seed will fulfill that goal faster. The seeds with the least dried up and if they dry up than they cannot grow.