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Green Tots

Project by group dmsgraywosspring2023

Explore We know that different kinds of plants thrive in different areas. We also know that in order for a plant to go through the germination process the climate has to be just right for them. Plants complete photosynthesis to get nutrients. Radish plants go through germination quickly. they also have a very fragile stems.
Research Question How does the temperature affect how fast a radish seed germinates?
Predictions We think that the plant in the mild climate will grow the best. We think this because we think the hot one will absorb the water and the cold one will be too cold for it to grow.
Experimental Design Our plan is to have two trials for hot, mild, and cold. We will have five radish seeds in each petri dish and each dish will get one pipet full of water each day. The hot one will be under a heat lamp, the mild one with just be out in the classroom, and the cold one will be in a fridge. we are testing the growth of the plant. We will be measuring the stem with a ruler once it sprouts. the variable that is staying the same is the amount of water and we will be recording everything in our planting science journal.
Conclusion Claim: Radish seeds grow best in a room temperature of around 77 degrees Evidence: the seeds under a heat lamp and the seeds in the fridge did not grow at all. The seeds at the room temperature did. Seed 2 grew 3 cm, seed 4 grew 4 cm, seed 5 grew 3 cm, seed 6 grew 3.5 cm, and Seed 8 grew 4 cm. Reasoning: the radish seeds that were in the fridge and under the heat lamp did not grow at all. That happened because the seeds under the heat lamps water got absorbed too quickly for them to grow. Radish seeds germinate best in cooler temps. The radish seeds in the fridge did not germinate because the temps were too cold and it is hard for seeds to recover if the temps get too low. This was a fair test because we had many different trials and all of the seed had different temps and all had light.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2023


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