dmsgrayspring2019 project 24

Project by group dmsgrayspring2019

Explore I know that a seed has to germinate before it can grow into a seed. I also know that plants sometimes germinate in the wrong contiditions.
Research Question How will the amount of light effect the time of a seed germinating?
Predictions If a seed is exsposed to more light then, it will germinate faster beacuse for a seed to germinate it has to have a warm enviroment so if there is more light it will germinate faster because of the heat.
Experimental Design We will have 4 cups and 12 seeds that we will then put together and we will also have wax paper.We will have wax paper on one ,two layers of wax paper on another ,three layers of wax paper on the third one , and on the last one we will ahve no wax paper.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
Session Spring 2019