bhstaborspring2020 project4.1

Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore We know that plants have a process called Photosynthesis to stay alive and to produce food for themselves. In class we discovered that plants do photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Also they have two types of reactions, the reactions are light independent and dependent. Red and blue light are the most absorbent colors for photosynthesis. Also the red and blue light active it.
Research Question We want to see if the 1st plant leaves will be at the highest length possible and to see every leaf after that will be smaller. We came up with this idea by looking at the diagram in our notebooks and it looked like it decreased after the 3rd leaf. The diagram showed the sizes of the leaves but the leaves looked about the same and did not change over the growth time of the plant. How does the different amount of fertilizer effects each leaf size in each pot?
Predictions The possible outcomes of our study are the leaf sizes will stay the same, get bigger or get smaller in size. We predict the leaf length will decrease in size because towards the end of the plant life all the leaves will be smaller since the plant won’t be collecting as much water as it did in the beginning. We think this will happen because the plant life span will start to slow down everything it is doing to conserve its energy to expand their life span by a couple days and to let itself do one last thing before it can’t do anything.
Experimental Design The variables that we are testing are the leaf lengths. We will be measuring the leaf size of each leaf on the plant. The variables that will be the same are how we are measuring it