bhstaborspring2020 project2.4

Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore They need water, sunlight, carbon dioxide and nutrients to survive and grow. We also know that some plants taste very scrumptious in a good salad (Jordan wanted to make sure that this was said). We have learned the processes in which plants take in those items, and transform them into usable resources like glucose, oxygen, and energy. Does saying nice things and treating plants well actually make them grow faster?
Research Question What is the length of the roots after the growing process of 40 days? We came up with the question after brainstorming ideas of what to do, and we found that this one was more interesting to us than the others. The question fits into what we know about the topic, because we know that through roots, plants can take in water and nutrients.
Predictions We predict that the low nutrient plants will have larger root systems, because since they lack the nutrients that the high nutrient plants have, they will expand trying to find and get more nutrients.
Experimental Design We are measuring the root lengths after 40 days of growing. We are keeping the water levels constant, and we’re also keeping the distance from the light source constant. We are changing the nutrient levels in the plants, having one being low and one being high. After the forty days, we will extract our plants from the soil, and measure how long their roots are, and the amount of branches that are on the roots.
Conclusion (We will answer this after the experiment has concluded)