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Explore We don't have much research outside of class but we have talked about photosynthesis and cellular respiration . We've also done labs looking at stomata. Other than that our encounters with plants and their processes is fairly Infrequent.
Research Question How does high or low nutrient levels affect the length of the true leaves of plants? Tanner decided we would do the amount of leaves then Mrs.Tabor reminded us that we were already looking for that. So we decided to do length of leaves keeping with that theme.
Predictions It seems reasonable that the plants with more nutrients will grow longer leaves as they have more nutrients and material to put into building leaves. If you have an excess of leaf material it makes sense you would make more leaves. Whereas to the one with lower nutrients would need to put those nutrients elsewhere thereby it would have less leaves.
Experimental Design ’our plan is to measure the lengths of the true leaves throughout our experiment. We will observe the difference between high and low nutrients and how they affect the length of the leaves. Our constants are the amount of soil, the type of soil, the amount of fertilizer, the type of fertilizer, the time they will have to grow, where they grow, the way they get water, amount of water, type of plant, and the amount each plant in each planter.