bhstaborspring2020 project5.1

Project by group bhstaborspring2020

Explore Plants are a part of our everyday life and produce the oxygen that we breathe. Plants do photosynthesis and use the carbon dioxide we produce. Plants don't need us but we depend on them for our everyday life. What kind of plants produce the most oxygen/does the most photosynthesis?
Research Question Does the nutrient level affect the amount of seeds produced? We did not have time to plant another plant, so we decided to test something we already had access to. And this experiment will also show what grows the best.
Predictions We think that the number of seeds in the low nutrient plants will be less than the number of seeds in the high nutrient plants. Because already plants with the most nutrients are growing faster.
Experimental Design Once our plants have died we will open up the plants and count how many seeds each plant has, then we will compare the numbers of the high and low nutrient plants. We will control the same variables as we have been. And we will observe/measure the amount of seeds produced. We will keep the same variables constant that we have been. We will probably record the data in some type of data table, and maybe a bar graph.