bhchsgonzalezspring2020 project 1

Project by group bhchsgonzalezspring2020

Explore Our team's experiences with plants outside of school are knowing that plants have a process called photosynthesis. This is what green plants go through that allow all life on earth to breathe in the fresh air. As well as knowing that plants are vital to human life by providing everyday resources such as clothes and paper. Alongside resources, plants offer fruits and vegetables which benefit us by giving food for us to consume. In class, we discovered that without soil, plants would not exist. Without plants, who knows how life would turn out. The majority of people don't realize how important soil is to our lives. Questions our team had is can we replicate the process of photosynthesis? As well as what can speed up the process of plants growing, including our radishes.
Research Question Would different lighting affect plant growth? (sunlight or artificial lighting) We decided on this question because when we first planted our seeds, we placed our plant on top of a container where sunlight was hitting it constantly and the plant's growth was pretty rapid. We later chose to change the location of our plant to where sunlight was not hitting it as often due to the location from before it slowed down the growth of the plants, this prompt the question if lighting affected the growth of the plants.
Predictions Plants in the sunlight would grow better than the plants with artificial lighting because the sunlight gives off more nutrients and vitamins that plants need in order to grow and survive, unlike the artificial lighting that does not give off any nutrients and vitamins for the plants needs.
Experimental Design We dug out two sprouts and separated both and put one is by the window in the classroom and the other plant is far away from the window receiving artificial light. Also we will measure the height by centimeters and weight of the plant individually. The rest of the plants we are growing will stay outside in the sunlight.