4 peas in a pod

Project by group bcsboylespring2020

Explore Plants are either monocot or dicot. Dandelions can cure diseases and are edible. Carrots, beets, and radish are roots. Only flowering plants can be monocot or dicot. Pea plants are very easy to work with. Monocot have straight bladed leaves, and dicot have wide leaves. Monocot have one cotyledon, and dicot have two cotyledon. plant are green because of their chlorophyll. Trees and plants produce oxygen.
Research Question How do the different pH scales in different liquids effect the growth of the plant?
Predictions Not including water, we think flavored water will grow the best.
Experimental Design So first we are going to test the pH levels in each liquid. Then we are going to put about 20mL's of each liquid into 4 different pots(in each pot we are putting ten seeds in it). After a period of time we will see how the different acidity levels changes the growth of the plant.