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Thank you, Lilly, for updating the conclusions and sharing the results! So, did the results match your predictions? Also, why do you think the extra amount of water helped the plants grow faster?

Very nice job on recording the growth! I'm also wondering if you can take average values for each treatments - it would easier (and more scientifically) to compare the treatments. You could also see the proportions (for example, if the plants with more water twice as taller as others..) Just a suggestion. You can also plot your average values to better visualize the results. 

Good job!



Super cool! Thank you for sharing, Cooper! The seeds look very happy - hope the measuring will go well. As always, please keep me updated! 

Plants Alina Avanesyan

That's great news! Was that plant taller or did it have a longer root than others? Just curious. Looking forward to seeing the picture! Good job!

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