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    Virginia Tech

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    My research focuses on grape diseases, and especially on fungicide resistance. Grapes are often subjected to intense spray programs, and fungicide resistance has been a real problem, a situation similar to the use of antibiotics and other drugs in human medicine. I am also involved with a project on the epidemiology of boxwood blight, control of weeds and invasive plants with plant pathogens, and a fruit disease of mango. In addition, I teach courses from the beginning college level through the advanced level, but all related to plant pathology (and a little bit of weed science).

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    It was just a gradual process that started, I think, in first grade when I "won" (i don't remember what for) a little hand lens. I started using it to look at flowers and other plant parts, as well as insects, and it gradually developed into collecting a herbarium and an insect collection, and when it came time to choose a subject for college, plant protection (insects and plants) seemed a fun choice. In college, fungi got added to the mix ... and I haven't regretted it all one bit.

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