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    Brock University

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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    I am passionate about discovering new pathogens that are negatively affecting fruit tree growth and I strongly believe this research is important for protecting crops from these pathogens. I work with RNA sequences performing bioinformatic analyses as well as in lab work to identify viruses. I am working on identifying what viruses are causing stone fruit trees to die in the Niagara region of Canada. I am also investigating the prevalence and distribution of various viruses among stone fruit trees.

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    When and why did you decide to go into a science career?

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    As a little kid we had scientist in school days in which a scientist came into our classroom and we either did an experiment or they showed us what they do for a living. I always loved these days. Fast forward to grade 11 to when I thought about veterinary school. I loved biology and I loved animals so it seemed like a great fit. The day that I had to learn how to design an experiment for class was the day it all changed. I loved designing the experiments, it came so easy and I had so many questions about how things worked. I knew from there on in, that I had to do research as my career. It wasn't until third year in university that I figured out it should be plant genetics research.

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    What is best about being a scientist?

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    The best thing about being a scientist for me is that you are never done. There is so much that we do not know and just waiting to be discovered. There are so many different opportunities for growth and development. Science is constantly changing and adapting so it never gets boring. One day you could spent all day researching on the computer and the next is all hands-on lab work. You can have the best of both worlds. You will never be bored and you can do just about anything. If you don't know how to test for something but you want to try it, chances are somebody will help you. It is a great community of people that are always there to help you, even if they don't know you.

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    Do you have advice for students about preparing for a science career?

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    Science is filled with people that have known that they wanted this since they were 5 years old but also people that discovered their love for it a few years ago. It is never too late to enter into a science career. It can be daunting at first and even terrifying but it is so amazing. The idea that all science students need A+ averages is not true and not at all mandatory. They want you to be smart but you can still enter a science career even if you don't have perfect grades because they are not as important as your passion. If you are passionate, you can achieve anything.

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    I am NOT available, please temporarily remove me from the available mentor list

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