Team SAM

Project by group wsukenyonwosfall2017

Explore We know that basil is used for flavoring when cooking. The leaves are used for healing.
Research Question Will warmer temperatures make basil germination rates higher?
Predictions We are predicting that basil will have a higher germination rate when the seeds are placed into a warm area.
Experimental Design We are going to put the basil seeds in 3 separate petri dishes. One at room temperature, and the other two at increasing temperatures.
Conclusion Basil seeds grow best when the temperatures are lower and when they have a lot of moisture. Our data presents a few possible conclusions. One conclusion is that we did not use the necessary amount of water, either too much or not enough. We also did not put a rubber band on top of the lid to keep the moist air inside the dish and keep the dry air out.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Undergraduate Students
School Name Wright State University
Session Fall 2017