Fire and Ice

Project by group mhsschellingspring2021

Explore Some research that we did was to figure out what temperature best germinates the cilantro seeds based on our research it showed the 13-18 degrees celsius best germinates herbs. This helped us pick two of our five temperatures.
Research Question What water temperature with best germinate the cilantro seeds?
Predictions The room temperature water will best germinate the seeds. The colder water will germinate the seeds better than the hotter water.
Experimental Design Our plan is to put the seeds in petri dishes so we can see when they germinate, we will make sure that our water temperature is at the temperature that we want which is 5, 10, 20, 35, and 50 degrees Celsius.
Conclusion Our conclusion was that our hypothesis somewhat supported our first trial and did not support our second trial. In the first trial, it supported the experiment because the 10 degrees celsius ended up germinating the cilantro seeds better than the 35 and 50 degrees celsius. The 10 degree celsius also did better than the 20 degrees celsius which we did not believe it was going to do. The hypothesis did not support our second trial because 50 degrees ended up germinating the seeds better then the 10 degrees celsius in this trial. We believe that it may have been caused possible faulty seeds but we can not be sure due to lack of trials.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Nichole Schelling
School Name Medford High School
Session Spring 2021