Siobhan Braybrook


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    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

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    I work in plant development. We are interested in understanding growth dynamics and shape and pattern formation. Our team uses math and physics as well as plant science.

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    Do you have advice for students about preparing for a science career?

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    You need to try out a lot of things before you settle on what to do- go out and explore. Read about science, try and find ways to try it out (internships etc). And if you find something you really want to know about- go after it! The trick is that this is actually what you should always do, and not to be afraid of following your interest, even when it shifts and changes. Science is about explorattion.

  • Profile Question 2
    What is tough about being a scientist?

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    Since science is a never-ending exloration, you get things wrong sometimes. It helps you to define what is most likely right! But is can be tough when things don't work out. The trick? Try to take every apparet failure as a positive- what does it teach you? Does it help you become a better scientists? Think about your experiment differently? Almost always.

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    Can you describe your attitude toward science when you were in high school?

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    In high school I took mostly science and math classes in my senior years, because I was good at it and it was pretty easy. That is me being honest! It wasn't because I had some huge passion for science that couldn't be held down. That being said, my Dad always encourged an interest in the natural world so I did spend time outside looking at the world that way. Looking back, I wish I had been shown sooner how interesting experimental science can be- beyond the things on the page. That would have gotten me interested earlier, learning that science is a living breathing thing that changes and that you can be part of that. That is one of the reasons I am here,

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    I am currently available for mentoring, please send me team match invitations

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    Jerry Zupan
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    Jerry Zupan
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