Katie Burnette


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    University of California, Riverside

  • Role
    Scientist Mentor: I will mentor teams of students online

  • Research Interests (300 words)
    Originally, I studied how plants respond to stress using the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. It's a tiny plant that has more genes in it's genome than people have in theirs! Many of these genes are not "turned on" unless the plant is experiencing some sort of stress (too hot, not enough water, being chewed on by insects, etc.). Currently, my "big picture" research interest is investigating student attitudes towards learning science and about themselves as scientists.

  • Profile Question 1
    What is tough about being a scientist?

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    In general, things don't go exactly the way you planned the first time you do something new. Or the second time. Or sometimes ever!

  • Profile Question 2
    What is the coolest thing you have discovered or learned about plants?

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    OK, all living land plants are descended from aquatic ancestors. But there is a flowering plant that now lives in the water. It's ancestors lived in water, then moved onto the land, then back to the water. It's basically the plant version of a whale!

  • Profile Question 3
    What is your favorite plant? Why?

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    Liverwort! I had never heard of them until I took a botany class. They are tiny and tough and only grow in damp places like waterfalls. I found them growing in the shady spot in my yard where the neighbor's sprinkler makes a puddle.

  • Availability
    I am currently available for mentoring, please send me team match invitations

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Skills & Endorsements

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    Eleanore Ritter
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    Eleanore Ritter
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    Eleanore Ritter
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    Eleanore Ritter
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    Eleanore Ritter