Lori Twehues


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    Skyview Academy

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    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    August 2016

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    I am a science teacher with a background in molecular biology and computer science. I worked for 15 years as a computational biologist, working to derive understanding from large, biological datasets including the reads from the Human Genome Project and reviewing clinical data for unique biomarkers.

    After transitioning to education, I have become an advocate for student driven research. I am currently the head of the Science Department at Skyview High School and teach biology and computer science this year.

    I am interested in all fields of science and find the most interesting research is often derived from the boundaries between the sciences. I have an affinity for statistics and data analysis. I enjoying helping students see themselves as scientists, not just in the classroom but in their everyday lives.

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    Skyview Academy

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