Christopher Joseph Hayden


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    Sinarmas World Academy

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    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    I was educated as a Biologist in university and I continued on to a graduate program in evolution & ecology but I did not finish. During my graduate and undergraduate times I participated in herpetological biodiversity & surveys inventory research taking place in Indonesia. While doing this I fell in love with the country and met my wife, deciding I did not want to leave. I became a biology teacher at an international school here and have been teaching biology to high school and middle school students ever since. In teaching, I find that when students have ownership over their own exploration they were much more enthusiastic and motivated to learn. I am currently our school's 'Middle Years Programme' Coordinator and as such in charge of making sure our Science classrooms are full of inquiry-based activities. I would like our Science Dept. to become involved with Planting Science during their one of their biology units each year. I think that our teachers could also benefit greatly from the experience as many of them have been trained as teachers, rather than research scientists and so have little understanding of how the process works. I hope that by participating in the Planting Science program both our teachers and students will benefit through the application of inquiry-based activities.

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    Sinarmas World Academy

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