Ann Marie Furcinito


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    Syracuse City School District

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    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    Ann Marie Furcinito earned her BA in Biology, MBA and CAS from Syracuse University. She is a science teacher in the Syracuse City School District. She was named a NYS Master Teacher in 2014 and was awarded an America Achieves fellowship in 2016. Her professional interests consist of representing her school district in Albany at the New York State Department of Education, while working on the Living Environment Regents as committee member, range finder, and analyst. She is a recipient of over 40 grants for her classroom, with national sponsors from Hewlett-Packard to ABC Family. As a consultant to NIH associated NewPath Learning and University of Rochester Neurobiology Department, Mrs. Furcinito, has evaluated science curricula and new technologies. She currently serves on the board of Newspapers in Education and the Central NY Teacher Center Policy Board. Current projects include being a member of the statewide SUNY Teacher and Leader Education Network (S-TEN).
    Her favorite quote is "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire." – W.B. Yeats

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