Daniel Bondgren


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    Jordan-Elbridge High School

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    Teacher: students in my class(es) will participate

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    You name it- I've taught it, at least in the Sciences that is. While my degree is in Biology Education, I have been called upon to teach all of the physical sciences and their lab components. In New York State (where I teach and reside) the State curriculum is known as the Regents - named after the governing body that make the graduation requirements. They also produce culminating examinations required for graduation. For the past 10 years I have also participated in writing these examinations and the evaluation of field tests given for production of them.

    Besides teaching I also coach Varsity Golf as well as advise the Class of 2019. I have been married for 23 years and my wife is an art teacher in the same building as I am. My boys, 18and 16, both attend (or did- my oldest is now at the University of Buffalo) the same school that we teach at so it's a real family affair at J-E!

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    Jordan-Elbridge High School

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