WHS Winstead Spring 2019

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05 Feb 2019

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Christine Winstead

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West High School

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Students in this class are in the 10th grade. This is a pre-IB/AP Biology course. The majority of the class are motivated and are excited to dive into experiments involving photosynthesis. They have not had much experience with collaboration when it comes to designing an experiment after developing a testable hypothesis. They are usually highly engaged when it comes to laboratory work.

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Spring 2019

Student Level(s)

High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)


1. Students will be able to communicate clearly with other members of their team, as well as with their  mentor.

2. Students will use their understanding of the processes involved in photosynthesis to develop a question that can be converted to a testable hypothesis.

3. Students will be able to collect data in a manner that is easy to convert to graph form.

4. Students will be able to interpret their data to draw conclusions.

Class Meeting Time(s) and Day(s)

M-F (2:01 pm - 2:45 pm)

Course Name and Description

Advanced Biology (pre-IB/AP)