LSAS Sohl Fall 2020

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08 Sep 2020

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Loudoun School for Advanced Studies

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Fall 2020

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Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)


I would like to have my 7th grade life science students do the celery challenge to experience authentic hypothesis testing, experimental design, and data interpretation. Student engagement should be very high with the validation of having a mentor scientist with whom they can discuss their experiments and ask questions. The students will also learn how to have professional communication. Additional learning goals are for the students to understand osmosis, transpiration and plant cell differentiation.

Time Away

no class 10/12 (Columbus day) and 10/14 (PSAT)

Course Name and Description

Data in Life Sciences (7th grade)

Science background and language skills

Students are highly motivated but have had only one year of middle school science. My class sizes are 9-10 students so they will have a lot of individual attention.