LCS Canady Fall 2019

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08 Sep 2019

About the Group

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Jennifer Canady

School Name

Lakeland Christian School

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Fall 2019

Student Level(s)

Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)


I work with middle and high school students in an experimental science program where we also run an Urban Farm. Our goal is to use PlantingScience investigations to help us eventually develop evidence-based practices for improving our germination rate and overall yield at the Urban Farm. I learned about PlantingScience at the NSTA meeting in St. Louis last year, and it seems to be a natural fit for us.

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Course Name and Description

Urban Farm/Plant Science

Science background and language skills

This is a small group of middle school students that are exceptionally motivated. About half have completed plant science research and are invested in the success of our Urban Farm.

Additional Information

We look forward to building a partnership that could be beneficial for our student researchers.Our Everette Taylor Urban Farm at Mass Market was named the state of Florida's best public-private partnership by the Florida Redevelopment Association, and is " The project is a reproducible model that could make urban farms a possibility in communities across the nation."We want to collaborate with PlantingScience to help our students develop the processes that will allow us to germinate, transplant, and successfully grow the 50+ varieties of heirloom vegetables and culinary herbs that we plant each year.