HVCHS Lucci Spring 2020

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04 Feb 2020

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Karen Lucci

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Hopewell Valley Central High School

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Spring 2020

Student Level(s)

High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)


I would like the students to understand designing an experiment and how to measure results. They need more experience connecting all of the information.  This is an AP Bio class, so they are familiar with experimental design but need to develop their skills.  Also, they know very little about plants, so they will need support in working with them and recognizing tissues and plants as organisms.  We do some work with the immune system in humans and I think this would be a great way to look at responses in other organisms 

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we have a rotating schedule--we meet in the afternoon for 53 minutes and once, every 4 school days we meet for 84 minutes

Course Name and Description

AP Biology

Science background and language skills

all of the students have had biology, chemistry and physics.  Some of the students have also had AP Chem or are in it concurrently. All are English speakers