EHHS Abo Spring 2018

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05 Feb 2018

This is the Classroom group for the Spring 2018 PlantingScience projects from East Hartford High School, led by teacher Laurie Abo and scientist-liaison Kate Eisen.Laurie's students will be working on the Celery Challenge module during this session. Laurie's students are 11th and 12th graders who are taking a lower level elective Botany & Zoology course this year. This will be the first unit about plant systems that they have learned about. They have very little background knowledge about the subject. Through this module, we hope that the students will learn about the vascular system and plant transport systems in a new and interesting way. We hope that our scientist mentors will show students that there is an application for this knowledge and importance to learning this information.

The start date for projects in Laurie's classes will be Monday, April 16, and while the PlantingScience session officially ends on April 27th, we may try to go a bit longer with the students' projects, as long as mentors are open to this. Laurie's classes meet daily Monday-Friday in either the late morning or early afternoon EST, and students will be online most every day.

We are hoping that mentors will have high expectations for the students but will also do their best to speak in student-friendly language and take the time to be patient with the students!