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How to "digest" messages

How do I set up my message notification so that I receive messages/updates once a day - rather than having the inbox of my email account stuffed with individual notifications. Pokes around "account" preferences etc., but cant seem to find anything related to this. 



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    David Kirschtel

    Never mind -- found it, buried in the middle of group/forums 


    Group Forum: Digest Emails

    Group members have the ability to receive emails from the group forum. The group member can be emailed every time another member creates a new post in a forum. Each group member can manage their own settings so they receive new posts in the group.

        Navigate to the main Group page then click on the Forum tab
        Inside of the Group Forum, locate Email Settings and click on Change your settings
        In the pop-up determine the preferred email setting by clicking the check box next to Email me about new posts in this group
        Then, select the radio button next to the preferred emailing time frame of receiving group forum emails Individually as new posts are made or As part of a (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) digest email
        Click Save to save the email setting changes


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