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PlantingScience is a learning community where scientists provide online mentorship to student teams as they design and think through their own inquiry projects. Engaging in the science process and becoming familiar with science practices enhances science learning. The ability to collaborate, discuss, and reflect with scientists and peers opens new doors to motivate students, and builds necessary pathways for 21st century skills.

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Gearing up for Fall 2014

September 15 - November 21

How can your class participate?

Our teachers value an inquiry approach, integrate the three dimensions of the next generation science standards into their teaching, and bring technology into their school.

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If so, please consider applying for an upcoming session.

We are accepting new teacher registrations and are now recruiting teachers for Spring 2015. Learn how to participate

Interested in becoming a scientist mentor?

Our scientists are concerned with improving science literacy, willing to donate their time to mentor students and excited to share their passion for the plant sciences.

We are currently recruiting for the upcoming Fall session (Sept 15 through Nov 21).

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New Content

We are excited to unveil some new PlantingScience resources. You will now see some new icons and links on the student, mentor, and teacher pages.

Check out our new Roadmap through an Investigation and the new Plant Investigation Toolkit for tips to help guide you through your plant science project. On our new Partners' Links page you find many websites useful for teaching and learning about plants and about careers in the plant sciences.

What Participants are Saying

"I love this opportunity for kids. It is the best thing that I have to get kids interacting with a “community” of people trying to understand a small aspect of the world in a scientific way. It gets kids interested because they have choice in the question and design, they have opportunity to get their hands on stuff and use the computer to connect with people from around the country. How cool of a learning opportunity is that?"
PlantingScience Teacher

"It is a lot of fun interacting with students from an age group I don’t have the chance to spend a lot of time with. It is a good reminder of where public knowledge of plant science stands, and a great opportunity for me to practice explaining key concepts in a simple and straightforward way."
PlantingScience Scientist Mentor

"I liked having the advantage to speak with scientists from other areas around the world and looking at other experiments being done by other students. This to me helped give my group and I more ideas for our experiment and it kind of showed us how we could improve ours and make it a little more detailed with less problems."
PlantingScience Student



Star Projects Spring 2014

Congratulations to Spring 2014 Star Project Winners! What makes these star projects? Find out by checking out our Star Project Gallery.

Radical Radishes
Nottingham Elementary
Nottingham, NH
Will different colored light waves effect the germination of lettuce and radish seeds?

The Real SuperDuperDuperSuperUnicorns
St. Sebastian School
Akron, Ohio
Research Question Will the seed germinate or be affected by high or low-pitched noises?

St. Sebastian School
Akron, Ohio
Do you think that a broken or damaged seed will germinate?

Springfield Central High School
Springfield, Massachusetts
What is the effect of certain scents on a plant's growth and appearance?

High Technology High School
Lincroft, New Jersey
How will changes in the length of a day affect the circadian rhythm of the soybean plant (Glycine max)?

The Froot Loops
Cumberland Regional High School
Seabrook, New Jersey
How does what seeds are planted in affect the growth of he plants?

Greater Nanticoke Area High School
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Do different liquids work better than water?

High Technology High School
Lincroft, New Jersey
Will Genovese basil plants grow more successfully in a hydroponic wick system or fertilized potted soil?

The Four-Leaf Clover
Greater Nanticoke Area High School
Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Does the pH level of water affect the growth of marigolds?

Necrotic Thorns
Cheyenne Central High School
Cheyenne, Wyoming
How do levels of salinity affect the rate at which hermaphrodites reach sexual maturity?


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