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  1. Student Handouts

    09 May 2016 | Contributor(s): plantingscience

    Download and save this Power Point file to complete as you work through developing and designing your research project. These pages will help you organize your thoughts into a clear project outline, which will, in turn, enable you to present your data more clearly at the end of the session.

  2. The Wonder of Seeds - Student's Guide

    17 May 2016 | Contributor(s): plantingscience

    Investigations in Germination & Plant Growth

  3. The Power of Sunlight - Student's Guide

    25 May 2016 | Contributor(s): plantingscience

    In this module, you will join a research team to ask questions about photosynthesis and cellular respiration, then carry out experiments to help answer these questions. You’ll create a team blog where you’ll post your ideas and share your data with a plant biologist, and share what...

  4. Celery Challenge - Student's Guide

    16 Jun 2016 | Contributor(s): plantingscience

    In this module, you will think about transpiration, osmosis, and different cell types by trying to cause celery stalks to bend as much as possible. Carrying out several experiments while blogging with a plant biologist will help you develop ideas about these processes.

  5. Corn Competition - Student's Guide

    16 Jun 2016 | Contributor(s): plantingscience

    In this module, you will think about germination and plant growth by working to grow the tallest possible corn seedlings. After growing your plants, you will discuss what you learned with your classmates.

  6. Genetics in Inbred Arabidopsis - Student Guide

    17 Jun 2016 | Contributor(s): plantingscience

    What is a trait?Biologists use the terms "trait" and "phenotype" interchangeably. They both describe theexpressed characteristics of an organism. The color of a leaf, the height of a plant, the smell of a flower – these are all traits. This is not the same as an organism's genotype, although...

  7. Student Guide - Getting Started with PlantingScience

    23 Sep 2016 | Student Resources | Contributor(s): PlantingScience Staff, plantingscience

    This guide will aid students to use the PlantingScience platform.

  8. Genetics in Inbred Arabidopsis - Table of Contents

    16 Oct 2018 | Student Resources | Contributor(s): PlantingScience Staff

    Table of Contents for the Arabidopsis Student Guide

  9. Plants Get Sick, Too! Student Guide

    26 Aug 2019 | Student Resources | Contributor(s): PlantingScience Staff, Robert Louis Hirsch

    This module focuses on the interaction of plants and microbes, specifically post-harvest microbes, and can be paired with the Agronomy Feeds the World module to discuss where food comes from and what challenges growers face in getting our food supply to grocery stores and our tables. Some of...

  10. The Tree-mendous Benefits of Trees - Student Guide

    16 Oct 2020 | Student Resources | Contributor(s): PlantingScience Staff, Monica Lewandowski

    Trees are a critical component of our ecosystem: They can produce the food we eat, oxygen that we breathe, shade from the sun, and so much more. Trees are an important and recognizable part of landscapes and forests, but most people don't think about the importance of trees and their value to...


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